ManKind 360°

Transformation Coaching

"Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom" - Aristotle

A coaching and retreat centre with a 360° holistic approach to:

Personal and professional wellbeing

Business management and leadership

Pro-active, effective and rapid wellbeing transformations. Specialising in working with individuals, creatives, companies, entrepreneurs and those seeking balance, performance and results. 


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The ManKind 360° Way

Remove the box

Understand difference, uniqueness and the mindset we create around our world.

Change to free yourself from the prison of limitations.

Out the box coaching for out the box thinkers.

Transform your world

ManKind 360 is about nurturing personal uniqueness with compassion.

A 10-day 1-2-1 transformation retreat will offer you over 100 hours of dedicated personal time

Advantages of a ManKind 360° retreat