It’s a mix, the age range so far is 18-72 years. 

From successful, driven and creative people advised to take a rest. Those who help others first thinking that they would help themselves too.  Personal rehabs opiates, alcohol, smoking to those who need mental and physical support after loss of confidence and motivation for love and life.

Pilot’s, musicians, producers, coaches, consultants, Special forces soldiers, MD’S, Mum’s, Dad’s, Son’s and Daughters, widow’s –  those who wanted to be kinder to themselves after experiencing tough personal circumstances.

Everything is private and confidential, however, I’ve noticed there are a few similar trends:

  1. Health and Wellbeing Recharge. Real food, exercise and to recharge mentally and physically. Being supported through detox’s.
  2. The 360 Assessment – Taking time to think, to ask for help and to understand themselves more.
  3. Support to make real significant change. That includes the normal basics of wanting to live a happier and healthier life with family, friends, and work, to be a better person, boss, partner, husband, mother, son and daughter.
  4. Wanting to finally to open up, ask for help, share and discuss the need to change and take the next positive steps. Finding new confidence, letting go of past baggage and stopping self destructive ways are just some of the amazing transformation journeys seen here.

There is so much potential in all of us, it’s humbling to listen to stories and see clients challenge themselves to restart. Emotions, past, present, future and the 360 components of who we are is interesting when shared. It’s been tough for some to be truly open, vulnerable and honest about needing help. Feeling no judgment, letting advice come from within themselves and allowing the burdens to lift for some.

All of our clients have this inner intelligence and wisdom that something isn’t right and they ‘feel it’, an unease they must finally change and actually tackle. The determination and travel commitment to get here and start the process has been incredible.

The typical client – a courageous person ready to change their present and future.

You are the perfect client –  you actually know you need it! The real challenge is self-ownership and self-courage to help yourself. You are recognizing you’re doing things that aren’t good habits, i.e. coping mechanisms, stress management, suppressing or ignoring issues and bottling up problems. You know it makes sense and so will work, relationships and the people around you. You will find more people understand that than you think.

We can have a virtual retreat and for some clients, Neil will fly out and bring ManKind 360 to your home!

The retreat was first started to help men. From personal experience, the stats and medical reports for some reason, many of us men don’t ask for help or even visit the doctor early enough once a problem is recognised. 

The retreat has evolved to help and support all. From individuals, couples, families, newly divorced or anyone looking to learn more personally. Mankind360 is dedicated to wellbeing in all areas of personal and work life. Please feel free to contact for a chat.

Man Up was compassionately replaced with Man Kind. The 360 came from rebuilding from rock bottom in all significant areas of life: Career, mental & physical health, finances, nutrition, relationships etc. ManKind 360 is a place to learn, share and do something different. Our 360 assessment also helped the retreat change too. After client referrals to their partners, family members and colleagues we now offer support to anyone whose looking for help and support to change.

We are real about food and it’s a big part of our life experience. Many of us choose food to make us feel good too.

You’ll be joining us  in the kitchen or maybe even sourcing it too.  Yes, Food is included.

We personalise visits and will talk about your current diet and retreat expectations. From fasting for 18 hours, to eliminating or reducing certain foods  we are on a journey here to help and support you. Learn and understand what makes your energy and gut happy or sad.

It’s all about personal choice and a chance to experiment here.  Trying different menus, diets, organic, extra supplements and products to supercharge your wellbeing. 

All exercise here is based on what you can do. Exercise is an essential part of life and the benefits are amazing for the mind and your whole wellbeing. We work on the next steps together during your stay. Reconnecting your body and mind with yoga-based movement will transform your wellbeing, improve your sleep and whole health.

You’ll love the exercise here and feel great.

Keep it simple and we’ll send out a basic pack list to help (indoor and outdoor wear).