• Dedicated to helping others but forget about themselves.
  • Seeking balance, renewed motivation and new skills.
  • Going through relationship difficulties.
  • Who want to discuss love, life and meaning.
  • Who work hard for their careers and recognise they need to allocate time to work on themselves. 
  • In diverse job roles including pilots, military special forces, coaches, producers, business leaders, professors, engineers, I.T, health professionals.
  • Businesses looking to develop their team.
  • Age range so far; 18-72 years. 

Lack of time was one of my excuses too. Actually, I needed self-justification. Was I broken enough to stop? 

When will it be a good time? 

People around you,  your relationships or work need you to be healthy more than you think.

The real challenge is self-courage to allocate that time to take care of yourself.

The retreat was first started to help men. From personal experience, the stats and medical reports, many of us men don’t ask for help. 

The retreat has evolved to help and support all.