Neil Pill, founder of ManKind 360°​

Neil’s story starts when he went from a successful and confident business leader to hitting real rock bottom.  From a sudden stop of work after breaking his ankle, and within a short period of time, his mental and physical health declined rapidly. To such a low; he wanted to end it all. His positive mind set changed to one of negativity, failure and fear. He mentally changed and couldn’t understand why a mind could break? Being so focused on work results, losing balance and suppressing significant events had finally come to the surface.

Starting from rock-bottom he needed to change and to get out of the mental prison he was isolated in. Needing to understand ‘why he broke’ and to understand his new world of coping with deep depression, social anxiety and PTSD.  

He dedicated himself to researching and learning about the mind, body and spirit.  Experimenting and putting into practice professional, alternative and holistic therapies to transform and personalise his health and well-being recovery. With his break-down turning around into a positive and healthy break-through. Reinvigorated, optimistic and a renewed zest for life.

Experiencing such a traumatic change  journey, he decided to completely change his purpose too.  He wanted to help others going through tough personal times. Offering support, guidance and nurturing  for those also on their well-being journey. He created a beautiful hideaway retreat, with a home from home feel to feel safe and secure. To support self-discovery, understanding and better health.  The aim, to live happier, authentically and to each of our potential. 

Neil has been managing businesses, coaching and supporting transformation management for over 20 years in a national UK company. From a humble grassroots career start he rose through the ranks to senior management. He’s been headhunted to manage and improve multi-million-pound businesses, performed turn around trouble shooter roles in over 50 locations, merged companies and became a Subject Matter Expert for a new IT system.

An honest, down-to-earth people person at his core with a natural affiliation to people, regardless of background, upbringing, or status. He would have described himself as a self confessed happy workaholic and creative problem solver.

Life however changed dramatically after he broke his ankle while on a run after work. This forced and sudden work stop subsequently was the start to a dramatic change, a steep decline and very tough physical and mental journey ahead.

Suffering burnout and insomnia, he was later diagnosed with depression, social anxiety and PTSD. He couldn’t understand what was happening. From successful and confident he became isolated and too anxious to even leave the house. Worried about medication, instead using alcohol and substitutes to numb and silence all thoughts. His mind shut down and for over a year, literally fought a personal battle for life its self.

How can a mind break, lead to self-destruction and a sense of personal failure?

From rock bottom, Neil embarked on a total mental and physical health recovery plan. Learning how each part of his life influenced the other. Step by step bringing together the study of the mind, neuro chemicals, trauma, nutrition, meditation, stress, addictions, NLP life coaching, relationships, health and wellbeing practice. He combined this with a 200-hour yoga qualification to support and reconnect the mind, body and spirit. He’s experienced and has in-depth knowledge of supporting those also on their 360 degree wellbeing journey.

ManKind 360° was initially founded to offer dedicated health and wellbeing support to other men going through tough times. A place to visit to put personal health first. The centre has since evolved into a country escape for both men and women of all ages who want to make changes in their lives. With 3 beautiful private, self-contained cottages and 3 rustic rooms in our 18th-century manor house, it is the ideal health getaway.

Mankind 360° is a safe place to just rest, unwind and put your personal wellbeing first.

Our retreats are private and confidential.

Change and self-reflection can be uncomfortable and extremely personal. To know what you want, know where you are and know what to change is challenging. Here we support you in a safe place to help free the mind and body from suffering and start a new healthier journey in all aspects of life.

We are fortunate to have the power and choice to walk our own path and take responsibility during our own journey. I am no qualified doctor, but I do believe, honest and personal inner self-learning during times of “dis-ease” is part of our life; just as much as seeking outside professional support when needed.

My passion is to help coach and support personal change. To live well and happier. I offer compassionate support to help with authentic and long term personal wellbeing. When I coach, mentor, counsel, manage, or lead, I do so with empathy, intuition and honesty.

I welcome you to enjoy your time here: learn, share and do only what’s best for you.


Neil Pill –  Coach

Call me direct: 0033 643 18 89 83

The link between our second brain, our gut, is scientifically proven. Our health, physically and mentally is affected by what we eat. Most of us know this really, but the ‘bad or naughty’ food tastes so nice. When the body say’s ‘No’, is it more than just about food? Could it also be ‘feeling’ good about life choices too?

With me, my appendix burst and sent my body into shock. This life threatening condition required immediate surgery to clean and remove the poisonous infection. Physically I was in a bad way for a while fighting to get back to normal. Looking back and listening to my gut; I also believe this significantly changed my mental health too.

Think after a major health upheaval, is the body saying No based on life style too?

Yes, learn about the benefits of gut flora, the acid and alkaline states and what helps and hinders our bodies. Yes, removing excess sugars and re-thinking your diet could literally help you get your belly laugh back. Follow your gut feeling, it may be about life style choices too. 

Join us to kick start your personal health and wellbeing journey.


360 Mind and Body service, upgrade and reboot.

We are more than machines.

The 360 system is all about you. Understanding honestly where you are on the journey and offers you a safe place to pull over and refuel. For the body think like a car. We need to allocate time for an annual mot, 10,000-mile service to cover things like oil changes, emission checks, spark plug changes etc. Obviously, for more specialist vehicles we’ll be booking them in more frequently. If you owned a Ferrari would you put on cheap tyres, use cheap oil or ignore warning signs on the dash? No. Remind yourself you are way more complex and valuable than a Ferrari. We need to allocate time to know our own operating and service intervals and be thinking longevity. We need to know the mechanics of what makes us tick and sick. Don’t wait until you’re broken down before you call for roadside assistance. Book in, take charge and let those around you know you’ll be more reliable for the longer-term journey.

Software for the mind

Computers, phones and technology help us so much yet frustratingly may slow down and have gremlins in the system. This is normal as they’re expected to complete many tasks at once, across many different platforms. Normally, once they seem to stop, we allocate time for updates. Control-alt-delete may help in the short term. In our career, business and personal lives, we have so much going on too. New and changing relationships, expectations and task demands upon ourselves may identify our own operating glitches. Creatives may stop being creative and carers stop the passion for caring. It’s ok to admit we need help and support for the mind isn’t it? It’s ok to ask for time to process change and update? Time may be the problem and this is more of a luxury commodity than we think. People rely on us to run even though we suspect a system reboot is needed.

Defrag and system analyse?

In computer terms, every time we open a file, a cache or new version is created. The system stores another copy or fragment of the same item ready for quick access. The same as a memory or a worry, always open with many different versions at once. Defrag brings all the open and modified versions back to one. To store it properly without taking up valuable resources for other tasks. We are all human and our brain also needs to defrag too. Those who say, ‘just switch off, it’s the past, forget about it’ do not understand human software. As a human we can’t open the task manager and see clearly where the CPU is allocating its resources. We have emotions, fears, pasts, responsibilities and concerns which cannot be seen in a data file. Applying this to our own real lives is the key. Taking time out to learn about ourselves so we may also help others must be the right way.

The 360 support is a very simple way, with no code or techie training stuff needed, to quickly hack into you. To know what human software version you are running on, how to navigate and update your operating system. You’ll be your own tech support with a heart, mind and spirit to live not operate. Identify who in your team or relationships may benefit from our 360-update support and allocate the gift of time to learn.

The 360 system is for anyone who pro-actively wants to reboot and master the art of upgrading.