Retreat Packages

We are a dedicated private wellbeing centre and personalise retreats from 5-99 days for short, medium and long term support.

We offer telephone or video call support programs for those unable to visit with a complementary first 30 minute call.

We are living through exceptional times with Covid and a world changing pandemic.

Price support option to those who need extra help during these tough times.

Join us for this fantastic health and wellbeing challenge in the beautiful countryside and our homely retreat accommodation. The No alcohol, caffeine, cigarettes, processed foods and digital detox challenge. Time to be cleared headed, restore your sleep pattern, boost your immune system and cleanse your system. Re-energise and cut out the toxins for a fresh start and renewed motivation.

The detox is combined with personalised exercise, natural yoga movement, meditation, walks, meal prep designed to re-balance and cleanse your mind and body.

We’ll support you all the way on this empowering, yet tough Health Challenge, with so many benefits including:

  • Full system cleanse
  • Regain energy
  • Clear the mind fog
  • Get your diet back on track
  • Break and change habits
  • Improved immune system
  • Sleep pattern and circadian rhythm restoration
  • Improved mental and physical balance
  • Reduce stress

You’ll feel fantastic after just 1 week.

7-day Retreat from £1,999 p/p

This is for those wanting to invest time to refocus on their mental and physical health and wellbeing. A bespoke retreat designed to get you back to health for your career and personal life.

Time to be cleared headed, restore your sleep pattern, boost your immune system and cleanse your system. Re-energise and cut out the toxins for a fresh start, renewed motivation and passion. We’ll be working together to get your energy and passion restored.

We blend a detox with personalised exercise, natural yoga movement, meditation, walks, and holistic treatments for a complete mind, body and spirit recharge.

We’ll support you all the way on this empowering retreat:

  • Full system cleanse
  • Regain energy
  • Clear the mind fog
  • Get your diet back on tract
  • Break and change habits
  • Improved immune system
  • Sleep pattern and circadian rhythm restore
  • Improved mental and physical balance
  • Reduce stress
  • Personal challenges
  • Mountain hikes
  • A 360 well-being review
  • 360 Coaching
  • Depression and anxiety support
  • Extended stays for those who can work from here or have time off
  • Everything is personalised for you while you’re here.

From £1,999 

Contact Neil for more details.

What would you do if you restarted?

Give yourself this chance and we’ll totally support you make changes.

This Challenge is all about understanding yourself and starting again. A very empowering, powerful and complete personal review assessment to be your authentic self. Evaluate where you are, where your focus is and what you want to change.

Relief, acceptance, and empowerment of transformation begin. A full reboot starts from here and a new strategy for change is set and new techniques are learned. This will be physically, mentally and emotionally challenging and rewarding.

Everyday dedicated, personal and exactly what you need to regain balance and happiness:

  • Get yourself back on track.
  • Design & make your plan for transformation in all areas.
  • Mentally and personally reset.
  • Remove past baggage, connect and become the new you.
  • 360 review of you
  • Exercise, clean living, new skills, quality sleep, mental relief, new vision

Support, empathy and compassion is combined with a need to make a commitment change. A safe place to go outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself from a level of trust.

You’re here looking for support and results. This will suit those of us who need the extra push and are ready to focus on a new way and future.

Dare to dream and change your life.

10 days start from £2,999

Contact Neil and enquire now

We offer bespoke and very unique personal retreats aimed at results. To help, heal and offer real change.

Couples, family, management teams, Father/Mother son/daughter  time. It’s all very bespoke and personal for you.

Compassionate counselling, coaching and an openness to both main-stream and alternative therapies allows for individuals  to fully understand themselves. Our aim together; to help you leave happier, healthier and with a plan, New knowledge of yourself and others, coping techniques, inspired, recharged and fully ready to return home.

We’ve had amazing results and personal challenges set and overcome. From business execs, musicians, entrepreneurs, couples or parents needing help. Overcoming social anxiety, image make-overs, body confidence, trauma, fear, acceptance, addictions, new diets, losing weight and personal rehabs. Many beautiful moments of inner growth and new relationships formed.

Some come to understand how to forgive, accept, find inner freedom and let go of the past. Some to release anger and to stop suffering.

We may visit chic cities, quiet hamlets or beautiful mountains. You may choose to horse ride, wild camp in the hills or get a massage and your chakra’s balanced. Work on your stage performance or exit strategy. Each are unique as we have the freedom to focus 100+ hours on you and your needs.

Bespoke Retreats will quickly and dramatically change you. Maximum 4 clients

5-day Prices start at £1,999 pp      10-day £2,999

Contact us if you require this for a couple, family, team, group etc.

Bespoke 1-2-1 from £2,999

1 person only Retreat. 100% Transformational and it’s all about you.

Do you work in a prolonged stressful role or environment?

Are you in the middle of a significant career change?

Are you self-sabotaging or self-medicating to relieve stress?

Allocate some time for yourself to decompress, unwind and prioritise your own wellbeing. Recharge your creative self.

Each of your business, career and personal stories may be different, however, the scenarios and challenges may have similar themes. With prolonged stress and dedicated focus, you may not notice changes within yourself. If family, friends, or colleagues are asking about your health and wellbeing, it may be time to recharge.

Maybe combine a Business and Personal Retreat. Discuss; Systems, Processes, Management & Leadership roles, Organograms, New or exit Strategy or what options will help with the health of you and the business.

This will benefit entrepreneurs, business owners and those self-made and driven individuals looking for outside support.

Contact us and we will design a personal profession-centered retreat which suits your team, family and your time.

Phone Neil direct 0033 643-188-983

Do you work from home and also need wellbeing time away? Why not work from here and benefit from the retreat centre?

Thinking outside the box, it’s possible to focus on your life journey here too. Maybe it’s a mental and physical recharge, time for study, writing your memoirs or whatever you need to do before or after work.

Here we encourage, help and support you on your health, wellbeing and life journey.

Come and join us, use our facilities, fast internet and make our place your home from home retreat.

Contact us and we’ll make it happen

If you can’t get here, call or we’ll connect online.

Please get in touch for a free 30-minute relaxed consultation.

£100 per hour

£200 Pre-booked package 4 x 1 hour calls. Allocate time for yourself to start, maintain and improve your 360 wellbeing.



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