Retreats & Coaching

The definition of a Retreat: A place for personal time, to get away from it all, a time away in the quiet to regroup, gather thoughts and to re-evaluate while recharging.

Holistic health definition: An approach to life that considers multidimensional aspects of wellness. It encourages individuals to recognise the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual.

Specialising in designing unique and personal 1-2-1 retreats for business, career and personal inspiration, growth and wellbeing.

Examples below and also read ‘Success Stories’ to see bespoke retreat testimonials.

Inspiration & New Vision

You’re ready for a change of scenery and blue-sky thinking. You want to recharge, have a holiday and also have time for creativity and exploring the next possibilities. This is a wonderful retreat for those looking at the next adventure in life or career.

“Neil is such a creative and left field thinker. He was able to listen to deep abstract idea’s and to help define business plans with structure and logic. Carpe Diem my friend, my passion and direction is clear!”  DJ


Pause & Rethink

This is for those at a crossroads in life. Decisions and changes are needed with support and space to reflect.

“What a special and unique mind, body and spirit 10 days. Guidance, challenges, deep conversations with practical and professional support. The 360 review with Personality and EQ profiling was inspirational. The timeline therapy and emotional journey was powerful and liberating. The stomach and shoulder tension lifted. You delivered a soul cleansing, relaxation and laughter retreat!”  H



You’re at rock bottom, had enough and now seek help. Allocating time for yourself is a priority and it needs to start now.

“You’re a life saver Neil. Every part of my life was hanging by a thread. I was weak, lost and scared. You took care of me at my lowest and took charge of my recovery. It was impossible to think this was possible in such a short amount of time. Words cannot express but you know. Thank you, X,”

  • If work, life and everything has been intense
  • If you need to stop and recharge
  • If you need to get back on track

Invest in a dedicated week away and allow me to focus on your turn-around.

The 360° fast track program

Always being sensitive to your needs and mindful of your progress this retreat takes you on a guided journey. Starting with relaxation and unwinding during the first few days of arrival. Focusing on wellbeing awareness, key health indicators and a 360 personal review.

We then move to your re-energising days with workshops encapsulating all of life components with nutrition support and exercise for your mind and body wellbeing recharge.

You’ll notice your transformation towards the end of the week with challenges and activities designed to make you smile, laugh and feel alive again.

New beginnings

My holistic approach with psychology, counselling and coaching naturally align to rapidly support and improve mental well-being.

Throughout the week we’ll be working on your 360° plan for the next chapter. As you sense you’re getting back on track, you’ll feel the tension lift and allow yourself to be optimistic again.

This program is tough, compassionate and enlightening.


7-day retreat 1-2-1 Private and bespoke £ POA

Offering privacy and dedicated full support – this is an incredible transformation retreat.

10-14-day options available to extend your stay to recharge, relax and discover more.

If you have addictive behaviours around:

  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Food
  • Stimulants
  • Drugs
  • Digital & dopamine fixation
  • Work
  • Other addictions including mindset,  thoughts and emotional habits

Do you want?

To give yourself a fresh start and renewed motivation.

To help your body and mind expel toxins, cleanse and heal.

To understand why and look longer term.

Pushing your limits

Challenge yourself and push past your current personal limits to re-energise and refresh.

We’ll be working as a team to personalise new coping techniques. Building deeper resolve, finding out more who you are and re-wiring capabilities. You’ll surprise yourself, adapting and grow.

You’ll conquer limiting beliefs and change your future wellbeing.

Opening wounds

There can be an unexpected side to detox and it may feel more like hell week. The restlessness and cravings during a detox can also expose emotional anchor points. It’s ok, I’ll be by your side and fully supporting you through this.

The body and mind may recall deep memories while under change and duress. Hidden and unresolved pain needing to surface, be addressed and finally heard.

The 360° Way

I know from personal experience, a lasting detox is more than saying No for a week.

My approach is to combine exercise, natural yoga movement, walks, meditation and relaxation techniques with rest time. My coaching workshops are to help with learning about nutrition and psychology to help with future choices, habits, behaviour triggers and stress.

Encouraging you to open up about life worries and concerns. Counselling, healing, trauma work and emotional expression will start happening naturally.

You’ll come away with new skills, coping techniques and a personalised wellbeing toolkit.

We complete the retreat with a visit to a thermal spa in the mountains for a massage, hammam, sauna and roof top jacuzzi.

Detox is an amazing, proactive and challenging experience.


Private and bespoke 1-2-1  £ POA

If you have tried other group retreats, have very limited time or need a specialist detox.

You’re here for results and change. I’m watching, listening and adapting the program and completely focused on your needs.  

You’ll discover more about yourself with this unique personal 1-2-1 detox.  

Every session throughout the day is personalised, different and the journey is adapted to push your detox mind, body and spirit.

10- day and 14-day options available. Extend your stay and go further into detox time. Or you may take additional holiday days here and integrate the detox with relaxation time.

  • Consult your medical advisor before booking.
  • If work, life and everything has been intense
  • If you’re in search of inspiration  
  • If you need to push your limits

The 360° adventure program

Encouraging clients to open up and discuss tough times is always the goal of my retreats. With the theme still focused on wellbeing, key health indicators and 360 personal reviews, we’ll also be heading off on adventures.

Psychology, counselling and coaching retreat workshops mixed with countryside walks, trekking in the mountains and fitness activities . We’ll be working in nature helping the mind and body release stored memories and emotions.

I work with the seasons and clients to pick activities to push and challenge you more on this one;

  • Fast Go-carts, horse riding, mountain biking
  • Abseiling, climbing, white water rafting, lake swims, canoeing, river walks
  • Trekking with options of an overnight mountain refuge or wild camping on the spot.

Opening up about your life journey while on an adventure yourself.

New beginnings

As the retreat progresses, we’ll be working on your 360° plan for the next chapter. You’ll feel the energy spark as you get back on track.

This program is adventurous while compassionate and supportive too.


7-day retreat 1-2-1 Private and bespoke £ POA

Offering privacy and a dedicated personal retreat adventure with transformation coaching – call me.

10-14-day options available to extend your stay to recharge, relax and discover more.

I offer bespoke personal and executive coaching retreats. 

My approach is 360° holistic coaching working for both – The job title skills and You, as a person with a heart.

Developing and supporting individuals and team performance.  Covering all areas of effectiveness of systems, processes and structure with culture, direction and well-being.


With over 25 years of results focused experience of sales, people and operational service at local, regional and national level. I started at the grass roots level and progressed to successful and diverse roles covering all aspects of senior leadership and change management at 50 different business locations. I’ve merged competing companies to work as one business cluster and worked as a subject matter expert for a FTSE100 to help design a new computer platform. 

Over 50,000+ practical hours of front-line change management. 

Call me to discuss more.


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