Success Stories, written by previous clients

We are all different. ManKind 360 is about nurturing these personal differences with compassion.

I arrived I left
Anxious Optimist especially about the future
Depressed Confident and calm.
My body would hunch over more Positive and strong body posture
Vegan after a year of being a vegetarian Meat based and Keto diet
Eczema and bad skin Massively reduced skin issues and able to wet shave and take hot showers.
IBS Massively improved and more normal digestion.
Mood issues Mood awareness and change techniques
Poor flexibility Increased flexibility & new natural movement technique to practice
Wandering mind Meditation & mind-fullness skills
Social Awkwardness at times Openness & courage to be me
Alcohol – I would need a few beers before certain social situations No longer needed and now my choice both when and how much. I’m still only 20 and will still party.
Low Happy, confident and ready to enjoy Barcelona, friends and family reunions and Europe.

My wife showed me the Mankind360 website and said you need to go there now! 

I’d ignored her for so long. She watched me work relentlessly on the business, loose all other focus on life and become unable to sleep due to the pressure of work.  

For me, taking time away from the business, the board and the team meant failure. Dedicated solely to my work responsibilities brought the heavy guilt of also letting down my wife, children, family and those needing me.

She dialed the number in France and handed me the phone. It was the moment I finally accepted professional help was needed.

A week later I was on the plane. Subdued, exhausted and my confidence and an all-time low.  My headphones on to isolate me from the world and anyone around me.

I booked the Business and Personal 1-2-1 immersion and was turning up with limited expectations of what one week could achieve. I felt lost and a failure.


A significant turning point and something I wanted to share…

I’m a very driven individual, analytical and know what I should be doing. The extreme pressure and responsibility on my shoulders finally got to me. My creative solving skills stopped.  I was overwhelmed, shutting down and trying to win during very difficult business conditions.

I needed time out to reflect on my purpose, my direction and what was blocking my mind.

Finding a way to discuss and explore those blockers is Neil’s skill and passion. He is open, builds trust easily, and shares his vulnerabilities so you know you’re talking with someone whose been where you are. It is hard to explain how different and optimistic I felt in such a short time. He splits the days up into 7 natural sessions. Starting before breakfast until bedtime each blending a reconnect for the mind, body and spirit. By the end of day 3, I’d enjoyed 21 personal and valuable sessions.

I totally appreciated the gentle but firm way he nudges you in the right direction, always conscious of his timing, carefully managing his process and being sensitive to your state of mind. Neil’s explanations and insight into what he thinks and why are amazing! 

The Mankind360 Journey, the clarity and the confidence to face the world just grew and grew in the next 4 days. This was an impossible belief before I arrived.

I have never taken quality and emotional personal time for myself. The feeling of completeness and renewed purpose for my life is immense.

Day 7

A week ago, I know now I was stuck in a whirlpool and was being dragged down. I couldn’t see a way out on my own. My wife took control and intervened at a critical point. This allowed me to participate so actively in my own recovery.  I owe my wife more than she knows for forcing me to stop.

If I’ve learnt anything to share with you it’s to seek help when ‘others recognise you need it’. To truly live, listen to them, and put yourself first. Taking time for your own health and wellbeing is NOT being selfish.

To rediscover what matters to you, to understand what you carry and to let it go, so you can love yourself and learn to live a life true to yourself.

I was fortunate to be able to spend a 1-2-1 dedicated week away, I know this. It’s recharged me as a family man and a business leader. Think longevity and to also appreciate the moments too.

Thank you Neil. You were there at my lowest and helped in more ways than you know.

The Wife

My husband came back from France a different man. He was back to being in the present, optimistic and laughing again. A total transformation in such a short time and back to the man I married.  We’ve since made significant changes and improvements to our quality of life and even plan to relocate.

We’ve phoned Neil a couple of times over the last year to say Thank you again, how much he helped and how much he’s appreciated within our home.  He offered a very personal and wonderful retreat and I’m very grateful he was there to help. 

Eat-Pray-Love & Mankind 360

Deciding to leave my marriage of 20 years was a long soul-searching decision with liberation and freedom too. So much change, loss and guilt to go through. The children were embarking on new lives at University and I needed to start a new life too. After watching Julia Roberts find herself in the movie Eat Pray Love, I too went on long-haul journeys of self-discovery. To know what to do next with India, Cambodia and Italy on my destination list.

This all happened two years ago. I’d travelled and visited lots of places and seen many things however in truth, I still felt lost inside and was still searching. I’d had amazing holiday escapes from home, myself and the past I suppose, while still trying to make the transition to just being myself. I’d talked to many about my experience and found others similar on their journey too. It was always difficult because I always put others’ happiness before my own. After a recommendation, I went to spend time with Neil in France. The websites blogs and honesty inspired me.

I was literally impressed with everything about the retreat experience. The accommodation is beautiful, the attention to detail, the personal and homely feel and the whole mind, body and spirit essence shines through. I was made to feel incredibly welcome. Cooking together, spa visit, hike, body movement and such honest, insightful life conversations made this an experience and memory I’ll hold forever. Walking around the big lake surrounded by rich, inspiring and unspoiled countryside was just a perfect setting for our life coaching walk and talk chat, which made it feel so ‘normal’ and I felt authentic. Neil is not only a phenomenal listener, but you also know he really cares when he listens. I felt completely understood and supported to just be truly honest throughout my sessions. They were incredibly powerful for me. I was challenged many times in such humorous ways. Neil’s questions, ability to recognise my patterns and his patience for my answers was remarkable. I can’t believe how much I learned and discovered about myself. I understood why and how my own thinking and behaviors were holding me back and resisting my desired change. I was more locked in past memories and scared for the future possibilities. The fear of change was profound. Lovely liberating conversations with time away to reflect on my real questions was priceless. Getting to know myself and my old mindset made me ready for my new beginnings ahead. Joy, fear, acceptance, anger, forgiveness, happiness and a myriad of emotional moments was amazing. I’m leaving ready to start living again and just being myself.

Thank you so much Neil, you’ve helped me find the right questions before my answers. Your kindness, support and amazing conversations will stay with me always. X

 – Lucinda

I interviewed Neil over the phone for an hour to discuss my situation and the options for the 1-2-1 bespoke retreat. He impressed me and was quick to identify and understand what I needed. For over 20 years my business had taken me across 3 continents and time was catching up on me. I needed to rethink much of what I did and booked the 10-day 1-2-1 business and personal retreat. I was able to work remotely and have time to reset goals and my vision. From day 1, Neil was welcoming, professional and completely focused on my requirements. He was result orientated, challenging, creative and I thought, dedicated to me and my next steps. One night we didn’t finish until 2 am as a strategy was being formed. I certainly didn’t expect the depth of the 360 reviews on both the business and personal aspects and was very impressed with great conversations and our planning detail. His story, knowledge and experience complement an excellent and well thought out retreat. Incidentally, this is the first time I’ve taken time to seek such a retreat and the results were so much more than I expected. I wanted to write a Thank you as Neil’s ability to listen, understand and be completely interested in me certainly made an impression. The 10 days was what I can imagine would be a lifetime of therapy, coaching and awareness all rolled into one. I understood myself and my business in ways I didn’t before. I’ve already booked a family member to fly over and would recommend Neil and Mankind360 to others. Read his honesty throughout the website or call him and you’ll know exactly what your getting, as I experienced, from day one.

 – Mark

I’d beat myself up daily for not being the me I wanted to be. A good mum, a good wife and a good person. I’d had a baby, lost my body confidence and stopped talking to friends. My relationship was strained and I was on maternity leave for the last 18 months. I was depressed and my self-confidence was low. I was worried about going back to work. I’d smoke too much, misuse medication and wished I could stop. I wanted change however, everything needed to change. No one knew how I really felt as I kept it all inside. I’d make myself numb, fuzzy and sleep too much as I was too overwhelmed with thoughts and worry. I wasn’t in a good place for a long time and thought I’d hid it well.

My husband was exhausted too and wanted something for himself, to get a way and recharge he said. He showed me the Mankind360 website. I told him I felt let down as why should he have a break and not me. A conversation turned into an argument and tears. To my astonishment, my Husband said I need it too. We read the website and called to find out what to expect and what could be done. We decided on combining a New You and Personal Rehab with the 1-2-1 immersion. We said time was important and it needed to be now. I cried with happiness and fear at the same time. My life was to change and I was worried about everything. My Daughter, the planning, the organising and all the what if’s while I’m away. I’d not been away from my daughter for more than 5 hours before. I selfishly said I didn’t trust my husband looking after our daughter alone.

I cannot adequately express in words my retreat experience other than life changing. Neil was totally supportive from the very first phone call and throughout my time there. He was also to be the first point of contact for my husband and daughter to allow me the freedom to change. As a family we are extremely grateful for his compassion and love shown to us while we all changed. I cannot believe the difference between arriving and leaving.
The New You and rehab retreat for me – Talking, tears, tiredness, emotional, sleep, secret chocolate, yoga 360, walks, transformation, spa visit, laughter, spirit, childness play, coaching, forgiveness, nature, cold water, acceptance, cooking, gardening, new haircut, clothes shopping, painting, art, music, dance, posture, goals, helping others, gratitude and more.

My husband was amazing and I’m proud of him and Molly. They bonded so well and he parents so differently from me. I thought he had no routine or structure with Molly however, Dad and daughter time was as transformational as my own retreat. Molly’s confidence changed so much in 10 days. I cannot believe what I missed out on not allowing Dad to be Dad. My husband allowed me time to heal, change and showed me he cares. I respect him more than ever for this.

Dad and Daughter time – Late nights, new foods, swimming, feeding animals’, dancing, walks, scraped knees, laughter, tiredness, asleep on the sofa together, park visits, kids parks, drives, new words, confidence, exploring, cooking skills, strength, plasters, bubble baths, messy house, lots of washing, fun and so much more.
Our reunion will stay with me forever, as too the retreat. I’m proud of myself for setting new goals, becoming clear headed again, accepting our different roles and we’re not expected to be perfect. I’ve gained time as now I know my husband is a great Dad allowing me to look for a new job; the one I’d studied for and never applied to start. I want to challenge myself for the first time in a long time. We are happy and have a new family start.

Mankind360 and Neil – Thank you Xxx

 – A grateful 3 new friends

I went to the Doctors as I actually thought I’d been bitten by one of those insects that give you the sleeping illness. I was always tired and wanted to sleep. Previously I was always motivated, outgoing and busy in life. Now I didn’t want to leave the house and I was stopping social events without seeing the pattern of why. It just slowly chipped away at me and I was isolating myself from living. In my personal life, I was going through a separation at the time and tried to keep busy at work to occupy myself. I turned to alcohol and things to pass the time. I could drink a few bottles of wine a night and stare blankly at the tv waiting for time to pass to go to bed. This was so unlike me and I needed help.

The Doctor said I was very depressed. I didn’t even realise I felt depressed until I shared what I was going through and he explained it back. It now made sense. I took the tablets prescribed but knew I needed to snap out of it. I’d already been taking powerful painkillers for the last 25 years for a degenerative spine condition and didn’t want more medication on top. This is when I saw a post on Facebook about what Neil was doing in France. I knew I needed to sort my head out. He was a friend of a friend and I thought why not go and see him.

I had no idea what to expect or for how long but told my boss I needed to do this now for the sake of my own health. I thought I’d give it a try for 3 or 4 days, maybe a week or two depending upon what happened. I can honestly say the ManKind360 experience was transformational. It took just 15 days to change my mindset, health and now I can say, life.

Neil knows his stuff and makes you feel like you’re at home very quickly. The manor house is a totally unique place to escape to. We’d always be doing things whether it’s renovation work, fixing stuff or out in the garden. You become immersed in retreat life and without knowing it, learn so much about your own mind and body. It is like a personal rehab at the same time as being involved in creating change. Conversations are easy, relaxed and natural. After a while though you see Neil is always thinking about your wellbeing transformation and why you’re really there. To change your mental and physical self. He guides conversations back to myself, using my own words and thinking, to form and define my own questions. The hardest part, and I respect him for having the knowledge and patience to wait for the answers, the real answers to my own real questions. Without knowing it, I was actually lost within myself which lead to the depression. There was more to it and me than I thought. His 360 wellbeing chats do cover everything as we evolve. It was these which helped me see who I was again. I cannot say how alien all this personal wellbeing coaching was to me. I’m practical, logical and have my own way of thinking which has helped me run a business, production management and deal with my own work and life ups and downs. Neil however helped me understand and actually own my personal depression recovery strategy. This made the real difference. Understanding myself and setting my own 360 plan was powerful to stop the depressive mindset. I don’t take any anti-depressants and know I’ve captured and stopped a deep depression from taking me down a bad path. I’d like to say a massive Thank you to Neil for helping me so much and I’m very happy to share my story and testimonial to recommend Mankind 360 if it’ll help others get back on track.

 – Rich

I wanted to focus on writing my memoirs and needed somewhere away from everything which would distract me. As a woman, I did worry about being on my own traveling from Canada, yet I yearned for a natural location and isolation to write. The French retreat was perfect. I had my own beautiful cottage, my privacy was respected and as important, I felt very safe. I could choose to write at times which suited me and I also had people around to share a meal with, visit the shops, exercise and talk when needed. From the first moment we met, Neil couldn’t have been more kind or accommodating. Recalling past events and diving deep into personal experiences was uncomfortable and draining. Having the choice to share some relaxation time with fellow guests, go for walks and take time to recharge emotionally was exactly what was needed in between my writing. A very beautiful and special place indeed and a recommended location for those who need time and personal space for themselves.

 – The Writer

I’ve been travelling the world and exploring for many years now and have seen and experienced many places and cultures. A mixture of adventures, experiences and difficulties together. Life has certainly been interesting along the way. I’d describe myself as more of a good listener than a talker and an introvert who is able to spend time with extroverts. I like to think I found Neil’s website by way of fate and I was destined to go there. A nudge in the right direction I’d unconsciously been waiting for. Neil has this unusual openness and honesty about life. He seemed to know my secrets, my trapped emotions and I was even more surprised how easy I opened up and shared them with him. I hold emotions deep inside with anger, fear and humiliation repressed more than most. I was unaware of such a powerful habit of putting myself down as soon as any praise came my way. I’d never talked or shared as much of myself which had a profound impact. I’ve learned more about travelling an inner journey now and I’m very grateful for the time spent at a very inspirational retreat. I know now I was running, hiding and escaping as much as travelling. I’ve confronted, set goals to tackle early memory anchor points and also allowed myself to let go of heavy emotional baggage which I carried for far too long. I’m not the same person who left my past to travel and I’ve realised I’ve some old places to revisit as much as finding new places to head to. A powerful, reflective and personal retreat I was meant to visit. Thank you, Neil.

 – The Traveler

Success on the outside masked an emptiness on the inside. I’d lost my drive, fun and passion for work.  My mood and outlook on life had also shifted to negativity. No motivation anymore to overcome challenges, resting on my laurels of past successes and fearful of starting new projects. I wasn’t nice to be around and started to seek highs from drugs, relax with alcohol and I stopped enjoying life.

Yes, I arrived at ManKind 360 completely lost.  I knew it was time to seek inner work and address hidden emotional and past issues.

I wanted Neil to add me to his website as a thank you for his retreat work. I do have high expectations of myself and therefore for others who work for me.  From the first moment we met, he offered a warm welcome and said it was his job to take care of me. He did exactly that.  

He had me relaxed, laughing and optimistic within 3 days.  He seemed to cater for all my needs before I knew I needed them. He combined business and personal wellbeing conversations naturally and demonstrated he was knowledgeable, thoughtful and empathic to my needs.  I was impressed with his coaching, counsel and also his well-placed challenges to my stubbornness and set beliefs. I got so much back from this retreat thanks to Neil’s gift of openness to what was important.

I was supported and re-awakened physically, mentally and emotionally. Confronting anger, fears and trust issues I’d suppressed for a long time. 

 I felt lighter, unburdened and content. It also allowed me to confirm and commit to a new business venture I’d be putting off for a while.

My 360 retreat was more than I thought and Neil, you did exactly what you said before I arrived. You helped me find myself and get back on track. 

Life saver!

Weed Detox – My short notes

  1. I needed to sort my life out.

I finally told my parents, yes, I needed help. 7 years smoking weed and I had just turned 22. My parents talked to Neil and then we all did. It was confirmed. I was going for 2 weeks and a life changing detox.

All my worries went when I got to France. Neil said the support and help starts now. It was another world and from the beginning I was knew it was the right.

Opening up and finally not worried talking about myself. Neil listening with No judgement. He was interested in me and I talked about everything and life. I had my first full sleep after 4 days and dreamed. 6 days here and I woke up refreshed and clear for the first time ever.

Activities – Physical

  • Light jogging and fitness – even at dusk in the rain. Awesome.
  • Garden work – tree cutting etc
  • Getting into food, learning to cook, preparing food, kitchen tidy
  • Collecting fire wood
  • ‘Cold showers’ increasing time. Feeling alive.
  • Natural movement – Stretch, Align and Strengthen
  • Self-help and learning diary
  • (Finally, not playing video games on laptop which I loved)
  • Being creative, drawing, lyrics, helping renovate, making furniture
  • Meditation

I feel more aware of myself and my emotions. I didn’t feel separate anymore and contributed to the retreat days because I wanted to. Fitness on my own because I needed it for my mind and body. After dinner became easier talking around the kitchen table. Tidying up, conversations, watching a film with others, writing in my journal and planning the next day felt normal now. Having an appetite for real healthy food was new. No more snacks or the cravings for munchies.

FEARS I arrived with

  • Failure in life
  • Not making family ‘loved ones’ proud.
  • Change
  • Rejection
  • Dying young
  • Losing family member
  • Being Alone
  • Not finding someone to Love
  • Not being Happy
  • Not being accepted
  • Fear of not being able to control my habits (weed made me pick my skin)
  • Being lazy
  • Of getting ill beyond help
  • Under achieving
  • Not being physically fit
  • Becoming a sheep in life
  • Die before Mum and Dad – Pain that will leave them.
  • No social confidence
  • Being on my own
  • Not having energy/motivation to ‘Live Life’.
  • Confrontation
  • Not able to talk to women
  • Paranoia – Everyone judging me.
  • People thinking I’m just a stoner

Being clear-headed is an amazing feeling!

Personal notes

  • I now know exercise makes me high.
  • I’m proud of myself.
  • Want to stay like this -feeling ALIVE now not a zombie.
  • Ok to get out my ‘safe bubble’.
  • Talking and learning about emotions.
  • Understanding what taking care of myself means.
  • Keep my head straight – I am the author of my own life plan.
  • Not shaking – anxiety not ‘here’ with me all the time.
  • Anger without weed gone.
  • Clear headed for first time in years – it’s amazing
  • How much I needed quality sleep
  • Feeling I’m ok to try things new and not be good at it.
  • Stop ‘thinking’ too much and ‘Just do it’

I couldn’t imagine this would happen. It feels like I’ve been away for a month and at the same time it was only 2 weeks to detox. I stayed for a few more days for a holiday. We went skiing, go karting, Pau and just chilled before I went back happy, clear and not stoned.

Thank You Neil!

We happened upon the website and thought, why not have a countryside retreat, visit some local vineyards, the mountains and have a lovely mini-break. The house, the gardens and the location seemed perfect for relaxing and we thought maybe we’d join in for chats on wellbeing between site seeing. We felt relaxed and extremely welcomed as soon as we arrived and sat in the kitchen talking over a few drinks. This was the unexpected start to a wonderful and beautiful long weekend of conversations, laughter and opening our hearts on life. As a couple, we were in love, friends and we’d always talk about what was going on in our busy lives. We didn’t arrive for couples’ therapy however our conversations were natural, engaging and wonderfully therapeutic to be able to share and listen again. It just happened; we talked and talked about everything.

Hearing my husband share his fears and vulnerabilities reminded me we’re still individuals as much as a couple and parents. It was interesting and simply old fashioned to honestly talk with no distractions, no technology and no judgment.  As a couple, to share openly again, to be free to discuss everything, empathise and understand our differences, our male and female perspectives, our different background influences and to relearn and remember each other again. Such a wonderful wellbeing retreat where we didn’t actually leave to go sightseeing at all! Walks around the lanes, lakes and time in the kitchen cooking together, talking and connecting was the most perfectly timed holiday escape we needed. We loved our time with Neil, his lovely home and the unexpected comfort to talk and communicate so openly as a couple.

 – The Couple

Going on holiday was about accepting coming home ½ a stone heavier. 7 IBS extra in one week. This was my normal holiday routine. When I thought about it, I was returning home with nearly 3 kg of fat on my body. I was 49 and not active at all. Thinking long term, I’d never be a gym person or eat salads to starve the weight off me. I needed to wake up to the reality, I needed to change and do something different. I lived on my own but couldn’t cook. I’m the guy who loves all the pre-packed veg, meals and convenience foods washed down with a well-deserved bottle of wine.

I’d seen the Mankind360 website and called to ask more about the nutrition and wellbeing side. I decided then, I’d learn how to cook on holiday this time. Easy healthy meals which helped my weight, blood pressure, digestion issues and I actually enjoyed eating. I still wanted pleasure from my plate.

I was totally supported all the way on my food change journey. I read recipe books for the first time, took charge of picking the menu and sourced the food. I owned the kitchen space, preparation time mixed with music and podcasts and learnt cooking was a passion I’d never experienced. Cooking for and with others, talking about nutrition and reconnecting with food was fantastic. The kitchen table is the place to be. I’d found a new hobby and don’t look at food as an inconvenience or chore. My mind has changed and my weight is under control. No more supermarket meal deals any more for me.

I was single after a divorce years ago and watching sport out with friends at the pubs was my thing. When I returned home, I continued the food journey and started cooking for the events at home. Friends come here and now I think about it, it was the reason I turned my house into a home again. Food has changed me in so many ways and it all started with my retreat in France.

Bon Appetit my friend and I’ll raise a glass to say Thank you, a great food and wellbeing journey.

 – Graeme

I wanted to escape and travel to Europe from Canada as I was noticing I was going downhill more and more. I felt very low and found it so hard to change my mental pattern whilst staying within my same environment. I wanted time away to find myself and learn more about who I was and wanted to be. I saw the Mankind360 website and the first paragraph summed up exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to learn about myself physically, mentally and spiritually as I’d been interested in Zen and tried practicing meditation in parts for a few years. The 360 experience pieces all of this and life together so I made the decision to start my journey at the retreat. I allocated at least a week or so, but really, I wanted to stay until I was ready and more skilled not to slip back into old habits or patterns. My journey there actually lasted 28 days. I can honestly say; it’s changed my life. I feel completely different now.

The French manor house was great. A quiet place to learn, talk and practice new habits that I knew would help me clear my mind, help with confidence and to get into shape properly. A proper awesome place to visit.
It’s tough sharing this personal stuff however, I’m happy to share if it helps others. We must try things, be honest with ourselves and see what works for us as individuals.

I would demonise alcohol and drugs as I’d binge to escape just to feel good. Sometimes I’d find myself feeling really shitty and depressed within myself. I would resent myself for being so weak willed and blame myself for not having strong enough willpower to do what was right for myself. I’d cycle drinking and binging with feeling depressed and be pissed off with myself so drink some more just to feel good again. I wanted to break this cycle and break the habits while learning more about myself. Allowing emotions to come up and not repressing it without judgement is new to me. Before I would have anxious thoughts and I’d drink alcohol to fight it. Now I have these feelings I can just allow them to happen. I’m learning that and not getting caught up in them. It’s just a new tool for the tool kit but It’s a learning which I can now start, do and put into practice.

When I made the decision to change my diet, I actually felt an immediate gut feel it was going to be the right thing to do. I made this choice after experimenting with different foods, paying attention to my body’s reaction for 21 days. Then, introducing meat slowly I realised the change was so immediate within my stomach but my blood sugars and low moods were still noticeable as unchanged. After more research into it, I decided to try a ketogenic diet and saw dramatic improvements within 3 days. I’d suffered IBS for over 6 years and went vegetarian and then vegan for the last 18 months trying to relieve the IBS problems. Going Keto, I felt great and wanted to share this personal information to fellow sufferers who can relate; my moods and energy were more level and yes, I had the best shit in years!

Within 4 days of going Keto I was finally able to take a hot shower. I could now have a wet share and no horrible irritability. The years of suffering from eczema on my face and eyelids dramatically changed and the relief was such an amazing feeling to experience.

The Yin and Yang of life. To learn to be firm, disciplined and pro-active but also allowing myself to be kind and sometimes just letting go. To enjoy things and life more when I felt like it. Allowing successes and failures, strength and softness to blend. Physical power and movement for my posture and to help with my aggression and drive. Natural movement and meditation to relax, soften and influence my mental thoughts and patterns. Masculine and feminine energy knowledge and awareness to develop, encourage and integrate them for balance of the whole self.

The Learn – Share – Do method is all about what works for yourself personally. Learning about yourself must be a basic idea yet finding time to do it was hard. Sharing out loud to others was both very difficult and liberating too. I never felt judged no matter what was discussed. Doing things that could benefit, change or add to my wellbeing was why I went to the retreat. Throughout my time there, Neil naturally encouraged and engaged conversations about the 360 components of life. I learnt so much about my mind, thoughts and emotions as much as fitted into retreat life, had a laugh and took responsibility for self-learning. Complete wellbeing, self-awareness and the confidence to just be and understand myself more.

Chainsaw skills, cooking food for others in an open kitchen, tree & garden work, bow and arrow, rode a motorbike, mountain hike, go kart racing, climbing, meditation techniques, boxing and strength work, locally & ethically sourced, dispatched, cleaned and prepared a chicken, self-taught yoga as a natural movement, ran 15k regularly, planned for the future.

Conversations with all age groups, feel more confident in social situations without alcohol. I would sometimes drink socially and other times choose not to. This was a new and empowering choice and practice.

I arrivedI left
AnxiousOptimist especially about the future
DepressedConfident and calm.
My body would hunch over morePositive and strong body posture
Vegan after a year of being a vegetarianMeat based and Keto diet
Eczema and bad skinMassively reduced skin issues and able to wet shave and take hot showers.
IBSMassively improved and more normal digestion.
Mood issuesMood awareness and change techniques
Poor flexibilityIncreased flexibility & new natural movement technique to practice
Wandering mindMeditation & mindfulness skills
Social Awkwardness at timesOpenness & courage to be me
Alcohol – I would need a few beers before certain social situationsNo longer needed and now my choice both when and how much. I’m still only 20 and will still party.
LowHappy, confident and ready to enjoy Barcelona, friends and family reunions and Europe.

I know I’ll keep evolving, forming my own decisions based on my own learning and thoughts. I’m also open to the fact I’ll change and adapt as I progress through more situations and life experiences.

The retreat felt like home straight away, it was an awesome life experience that I’ll never forget. 100% recommended. Thank you so much Neil.

 – Kieran

People ask me what was my motivation to start ManKind 360°. It’s a project I’m very passionate about for many reasons. My aim was to create a blend of a home, hospital and hotel.

My why? It’s what I needed when I experienced a total break-down. I didn’t want others to go through the isolation and rapid downward spiral which can take hold of life when your health deteriorates.

The 360 represents all areas of our life. Families, relationships, careers, wealth, nutrition, physical and mental health and love. The past, present and future. To process emotions and to live healthier inside and out.

ManKind 360° was created to help all those who need time out to rethink and take time for themselves and their wellbeing. Whether they’re going through uncertain times, heading towards potential self-sabotage or even those at rock bottom who need help.


I came to this lovely place for a Pilates Retreat with Ula. The house and grounds are a fabulous background to a life affirming course. In between meditation and Pilates I spent a happy hour listening to my audiobooks and knitting on a sun lounger. I was amazed by Neil’s talents at looking after us all. The evening meals were delicious and our every need was met. Thank you, Neil and Ula, for making our stay so good. Di xxx