Bespoke & Personal Retreats

All time here is private, confidential and we personalise retreats with you. Every day is full, naturally paced and designed for your real life mental and physical well-being.

Daily 360 yoga movement, meditation and nutrition are combined with your bespoke needs. We’re very proud to have supported clients’ individual and personal transformations with: personal confidence, make overs, emotional release, childhood trauma, overnight mountain hikes, climbing, new image, face your fear challenges, cooking, new diets, opiate-alcohol-cannabis-cocaine  rehabs, spa and pamper sessions, business and life-style changes, injury rehab, suicidal thoughts, skiing, dating profiles, new mindset , parent/child bonding, art, design and so much more.

We are committed to supporting you on the journey.

I phoned Neil and basically said  ‘ I’m broken and at rock bottom, please fix me’.  He did it in 10 days and saved me from myself. Forever grateful x

What Makes Us Special


It’s all about allowing you time.  Conversations will be natural and happen when you feel ready.  The 360 way allows for the past, present and future  to be discussed freely. You will really know yourself. Combining mindful counselling with compassionate coaching to help you understand, reconnect and heal. Sessions aren’t for 45 – 60 minutes, it’s when you naturally feel  trust. No clocks, no rush, just patience and time for you.

 We also work with other local health practitioners offering additional health and holistic treatments and therapies. From massage, energy healing, specific counselling, to mountain hikes and personal challenges we offer complete 360 support. 

Homely Feel

We understand for some, this may be a tough personal journey ahead. The moment you walk in through our door, we will make you feel at home. Our Manor House is full of charm and character with home comforts to help you unwind.  Charming rooms, bathrobes and lovely linen for your stay. After coaching or sessions, you may choose to be pampered, join us in the kitchen or get your hands and wellies dirty in our garden. You’ll be transported back in time as you see the original features with modern luxury touches throughout the house.  

Nature & Country

Built in 1758, our Manor House offers rustic, old-fashioned country-style accommodation; shared or private rooms in-house and 3 independent cottages surrounded by beautiful French countryside, with fantastic views of the Pyrenees. There’s a real good energy and feel about the house and gardens which help you relax and unwind. Wake up to the sound of birds singing and sunbeams spreading across the fields. Go for a relaxed walk, jump in the lake or enjoy that special moment gazing at nature or the snowy mountain peaks. A retreat bubble away from the world awaits.


Your Host

Our centre and activities are coordinated by Neil, a proven and experienced life and business coach. Empathic, supportive and a good listener, making conversations natural, thought provoking and open. A qualified yoga instructor who now teaches 360 Natural Movement; a complete yoga based practice to support and reconnect your mind, body and spirit.

He opened his home and founded the retreat to help others on their health and wellbeing journey. 

His mission – To help those looking to live a happier and healthier life.


Benefits of Mankind 360

  • Personalised packages
  • Recharge physically, mentally and emotionally
  • Learn about yourself
  • Establish new habits and coping strategies
  • Re-energise with daily exercise and 360 natural movement
  • Detox the body and mind from stimulants
  • Coaching therapies and support
  • Personal rehab and healing
  • Slow down the mind chatter
  • Prepare and enjoy nutritious home-cooked meals
  • Escape the noise and stress and allow your body clock to reset

Our programs offer you plenty of time to do your own thing; whether that means reading a book under the fig tree, meditating or doing yoga (mats and props provided). You can join us for a cooking session or a chat by the fire with a cup of herbal infusion in your hand. During your free time, you can taste the culture of France with a visit to our local food markets, go for relaxing walks along old pilgrimage paths or through the gorgeous French countryside.

For the adventurous ones and extended retreats, we offer 360 mental and physical challenges. Get out of your comfort zone for wellbeing and seasonal challenges; mountain tours, hikes, white water rapids, climbing, horse riding and much more


Our packages include three meals a day plus non-alcoholic drinks throughout your stay.  A healthy, balanced diet is the plan. Food will affect your mind, energy, mood, sleep, skin, immune system and so much more.

Nutrition benefits it seems can be very personal and what works for one may have its issues with another. We have books on every diet from carnivore to vegan and from fasting to performance specific. Here we prepare, cook and learn together to help you know what’s best and personal for you. 

France is known for it’s love and passion for food so we try to source local produce first. We enjoy foraging wild ingredients from the land. Depending which retreat package you choose, we also keep an open mind when passing a patisserie after a mountain hike, to sampling gourmet delights or chatting over a bottle of wine. 

Personalising your stay makes us different. We offer a home from home, real life stay.

We offer fasting support, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and we will happily add to your diet various detox drinks, super foods and introduce acid and alkaline balancers. Please let us know any special requirements in advance.